The Home Gal Blog Spring has sprung here in New England May 10, 2018

Spring has sprung here in New England my friends! And its about dang time! I know what some of you might be thinking… something along the lines of…”What It’s early May?!… Spring HAS been here for a while.” But not here! It was a LONG and BRUTAL winter this year and we haven’t seen any green grass or leaves on the trees since October; and to be honest it was making me a little nutso.  But that is all past us now and it has finally arrived here this week! The trees are finally in mid bloom and there are tulips and daffodils everywhere. Growing up in North Florida I was VERY spoiled and had no idea how miraculous Spring is, until I moved up to New England. It is true that you appreciate it so much more. Nature amazes me even more now…and I will never take it for granted again!

Spring has sprung
The Tulips in front of the house

This is our first Spring here in the house and we weren’t sure if there were any perennial flowers at all. Honestly the house looks very HOA and bland…we are very much planning to change that. As mentioned in my first post. We hope to bring culture and charm to the neighborhood or to at least our house. But low and behold the owners had planted some and they have made such a nice touch to the front of the house. With saying that, we still feel like the house needs additional flowers,trees and shrubs to make it more lush but coming home to tulips and daffodils at your front door step has been a nice treat!

Spring has Sprung
Tulips and Daffodils in the front of the house

Well that’s it…I know this posts was brief but I just wanted to share my excitement that it is finally Spring here. It is like mother natures gift for surviving New England winters. Just as a heads up! The next post will be longer and somewhat of a continuation on the topic of flowers, so look out for that soon! In the meantime, what flowers have been blooming in your area? I would love to know!

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