The Home Gal Blog Tulip Festival May 15, 2018

Spring has sprung

Every Mothers Day weekend there is the annual tulip festival in the nearest city to me. Growing up in North Florida you don’t get to see really any tulip or bulb type flowers at all or if you do they don’t stick around for long due to the heat and humidity. Call it Floridian naivete; but when I thought of tulips blooming from the actual ground in the spring. I thought you had to go to places like Holland to see Tulips in all their glory. Right in the center of the park you stumble upon all these beautiful tulips. I never realized how many different types of tulips there are.

Flowers have always amazed me even when I was a little girl. Flowers and all of nature need no filters. To me filters try to be what occurs in by default in nature. Going to the tulip festival reminded me on how much I want to plant more various types of flowers on our property. As shown in my previous post, we had a few bulbs pop up in the front of our house that the previous owners had planted but a few is not enough for me!

Pink tulips
Lovely Pink Tulips in all their glory
Did someone say Tulips
White Tulips


If you are ever in the Albany New York area around Mothers Day. I highly recommend checking out the festival and seeing the tulips in all their glory. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures I took almost as much as I enjoyed taking them. It was such a beautiful spring day.

Please let me know what Spring is like where you live and what your favorite flowers is and why?

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